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    May 19, 2003


    In May 2003, Keith Richards had an in-depth discussion with reggae archivist Roger Steffens about the Wingless Angels project. Read the transcript and listen to the recording here:


    Part 1:

RS: I can hear you. May I call you Keith?

KR: Yeah, of course. What else are you going to call me?

RS: Yeah man!

KR: Rog!

RS: Irie, how are you?

KR: Cool man.

RS: I’ve been wanting to talk to you for as longer than I can imagine. You know we have so many friends in common you and I…

KR: Ok really.

RS: … especially in the reggae world. I’m the Founding Editor of The Beat Magazine, the Reggae magazine. And Ever Ready Eddie, Eddie Fannell, and I use to go down to SunSplash every year.

KR: Yeah, I saw Ed just a few weeks ago.

RS: How’s he doing?

KR: He’s fine.

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